School Website

Today, Most of the organization depends on their website for their advertisement, publicity, announcement, declaration etc. So, Website became a most essential non-negotiable part for every organization.

School Website is more essential then others. Because school need to interact with the guardian/student very frequently. In a school website you may avail -

  • Separate teacher’s login.
  • Separate teacher’s mail id/ head-teacher’s mail id
  • Separate teacher’s notice.
  • Student’s notice
  • Individual Result /marksheet online copy facility
  • Location with map facility
………..And many more

Educational Centre

Educational centre website was developed with custom WORDPRESS. It is responsible device friendly website, which is access able from anywhere

Hotel Management Institute

Hotel management institute website was developed on last month. It was based on php-wordpress

Saree Palace

Saree Palace Project was developed on last May,16 using php-wordpress

Educational Instutite

Swami Vivekananda Educational Institute Project was developed on last May,16 using php-wordpress

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